Jerry L. Thompson

"Why Photography Matters" by Jorge Bañales

“Now (2012) the capitalist economies of Europe and America seem to be running out of gas: stagnation and entropy are greater threats than revolutionary upheaval. What is the urgency of a halting limp or a slowing crawl? And what has photography to do with it, that we should ask breathless questions about is importance now?

“Well might we ask what photography has to do with it. Much of the photography we see in prestigious museums and lavish publications is decorative self-indulgence. Elegant, knowing riffs on the history of painting fill our commercial galleries and bring the highest prices at auction. Such work looks like a symptom of unraveling, a loss of vital purpose. Shouldn’t photography—which began as a hyperdetailed record of our shared visible world—provide a close, critical examination of that world, the kind of jarring irritant able to rouse viewers out of a complacent, forgetful slumber, and into a wakeful regard of what is?”

“Why Photography Matters” by Jerry L. Thompson